Services We Provide


Age Specific Parenting Education Classes

Provides age specific parenting tools that help strengthen parents and the family unit.

Mentoring Program

Provides mentoring to the next generation and adults supporting ongoing relationships that support education  and workforce success.

Arts by Nature Program

Provides individuals; children, youths and adults to express themselves through the various forms of arts, crafts, social and cultural preservation.

Re-Link Program/Technology Center

Provides an array of information about available resources and services to youths, young adults and adults with a background and to help reduce the rate of recidivism. Provides opportunities and support that can lead to success and allow them to participate and connect to educational, employment, and an array of mentoring opportunities. 

Career Exploration and Employment Choices

Provides disadvantage individuals; youths and adults as they seek and retain employment. This process includes career exploration,  job coaching, employability skills training, job referrals, and job mentoring.

Community Empowerment Programs

Provides various workshops, seminars and full service technology center that help empower and strengthen individuals and families. Empowering individuals and families to make positive choices that will reduce and or remove social barriers and promote economic independence and self-sufficiency.